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Welcome to the homepage of Forest Fan kennel!

Kennel FOREST FAN was founded in 13.07.1998.

Kennel Forest Fan is one of the oldest labrador retriever kennels in Estonia. First labrador came into our kennel in the year 1996 and first litter was born on 1998. On the same year kennel Forest Fan was registered in FCI. Our first dog was Juht Aleena, who comes from a long line of working dogs. She possessed a remarkably strong health combined with a great ability to work. In the breeding process her descendants, Forest Fan Amanda and Forest Fan Drusilla, have proved to be an excellent choice. Forest Fan's most outstanding show-dog at the moment is Forest Fan Rhea Rosaria and working dog Forest Fan Pontius Pilatus.

Maarika Lauringson has graduated University of Tartu specialty of biology as a zoologist-ichthyologist and among other things has worked for 10 years at the University of Tartu as a genetic engineer. She is a founding member and longtime chairman of Estonian Retriever Club and founding member and board member of Estonian Labrador Retriever Club.

Main priority of Forest Fan kennel has always been the health of our dogs. In the breeding program only dogs who have passed the medical check-ups with excellent results, have a great ability and desire to work and posess perfect breed-characteristics are used. As biologists we see the relationship between a human being and a dog in the philosophical and biological context. We try to live in a way that would be satisfactory for both parts, based on mutual understanding and respect, allowing each dog to be an individual.

Our dogs spend a lot of time outdoors, move a lot and eat natural food such as bones, meat, honey-products, fresh fruit and vegetables in addition to granulated dog-food. We try to avoid dogs in exposure to any kind of chemistry and in simple cases we use natural and herbal remedies for treating the dogs. With that we hope to give the puppies strong health and stamina. One of our strong interests in the dog-breeding process is to maintain and preserve the dark-yellow colour which has become rare not only in Estonia but also in the rest of the world.

We are members of Estonian Kennel Union, Estonian Retriever Club and Estonian Labrador Retriever Club.


Since summer 2014 Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt is the co-owner of kennel Forest Fan.

She has been involved in activities of kennel since 2006 when a labrador puppy Porthos (Forest Fan Lysander) came into their family. Later two more Forest Fan kennel dogs have joined her family. The determining factor in deciding in favor of labrador breed was their boundless optimism, a friendly attitude towards everything and everybody, and their will to doo something.

Reeli has been helpful in making beautiful photos of our dogs, administer the kennel website and Facebook page. She has been showing the dogs at dog shows and taken them to hunting tests. She has completed the retriever training course and dog trainer and judging base course of Estonian Kennel Union. She is engaged with training retrievers for different hunting test. As a member of board of Estonian Labrador Retriever Club she organizes retriever hunting test. training days and unofficial tests.

At the moment three Forest Fan kennel dogs live with Reeli - Aramis, Zeppelin and Meeda, who go bird hunting with her husband and have results from different hunting tests.  

Due to her interest in photography, she has photographed also number of dog events.